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Yorlan Cabezas Padrón

Yorlán Cabezas Padrón

I am a Cuban designer born in Havana in 1983. In 2007, I graduated from the Superior Institute of Design as Informational designer.

I worked as a designer in the Serigraphic Laboratory of the Santa Cruz Ceramic Company (2007-2009) and in the Institutional Communication Department of Havana University (2010-2011). Also, I participated in different group exhibitions with Geo-Gráficas project (2014, 2015 and 2018) and during the First Design Biennial of Havana (May-June, 2016).

I have been working as freelance designer since 2011. The areas of graphic design that I prefer are illustration, visual identity and editorial design. Some of my references are Jean Giraud (Moebius), Muñoz Bachs, José Luis Posada, Reinaldo Alfonso, Ernesto Martínez Blanco and Jan Saudek.

Besides, I am interested in exploring design as a visual art in evolution.



In the field of illustration, I have been working in projects for children and adults.

I illustrated children’s books with Cuban publishing houses like Gente Nueva and Unión. Some of the titles are: Un circo de papel (2010), Las viejitas de las sombrillas (2011), El cuaderno de las maticas (2011), El sueño de la lechuza (2012), La vaca (2013), La señora solitaria (2014) and Amaya y el árbol (2015).

Now, I am working in two serials for adults combining photography and hand drawing.

The magazine

The Cuban design and visual arts magazine have been one of my main editorial design project.

Entitled D aquí,  it is a digital magazine with specialized contents about Cuban designers, architects and visual artists located anywhere in the world. Between 2015 and 2018, I made the artistic direction and graphic design of the magazine.