Metrópolis series

Metrópolis, is a reasoned and metaphorical picture of Havana. In the series, the imaginative flight of art is fused with the objectivity of design (…) Animals, as protagonists of these stories, are part of an analogy with the human essence (…) Means of transportation function as a metonym for the exhibition’s structuring topic: transportation, the trigger for innumerable social dynamics and the latent concern of every average Cuban, not to mention the overtones of migration, in which insularity is transformed at times into a cursed circumstance. Yorlán uses the means of transport as receptacles of images or text balloons in which to enclose their stories. With this compositional solution, he resolves to group the chaotic urbanization into a single figure that is legibly separated from the neutral background (…) Dayma Crespo Zaporta, Havana, September 2018. Excerpts from the words to the catalog.


Detalle de Los que se quedaron


Los que se quedarom_detalle_2







Taxi driver_detalle_1


Taxi driver_detalle_2



Cerdos sagrados_detalle_1




Container familiar_detalle_1










Los que mueven La Habana_detalle_1




Sweet dreams_detalle_1


Sweet dreams_detalle_2



El arca de Matías_detalle_2


El arca de Matías_detalle_2



Llegada a Marte_detalle_1_


Llegada a Marte_detalle_2