D aquí: a magazine of Cuban design and visual arts

This was a magazine made by Sandra Fernández and me between 2015 and 2017. With a quarterly frequency D aquí promoted, in Spanish and English, the work by Cuban designers and visual artists. Bellow you can see a brief overview of the five issues.

Fourth issue

Fourth issue, presented a new section titled The column. This new section started with Carolina Sánchez and her article Dominating Spaces.

In addition, we interviewed Joan Manuel Veloso, who tells us about his connection with music and design, we showed the talent of illustrator Yaimel López and the excellent work of La Marca, the first professional tattoo studio in Cuba. We refer to the past and the present of the Experimental Graphic Workshop of Havana. We recommend the book of Paola Irazabal and we propose the illustration Samuelito by Edel (Mola) Rodríguez.

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Third issue

The third issue, came within the framework of the First Havana Design Biennial celebrated in May 2016.

In that context, we contributed to visualize the interesting work that Cuban designers were doing. For the occasion, we started the issue with an interview with architect George Miller, we shared with Signo Visual, a project by Arístides Rosell and Agustín García, and we zoomed into MeZoo children’s furniture by designers Gabriel Leal, Karen Rivero and Jorge Luis Martínez. Also, we showed the creative illustrations by Yasser Fonseca and we promoted CACa, a club for poster friends.

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d aquí_mezoo
d aquí_caca

Second issue

The second issue, was diverse in styles and fields of visual arts.

In that sense, we made an approach to fashion design with the proposals of Massiel Mesa and her atelier Torinohabana, and to industrial design with the opinion by Elio Duarte.

After, we presented some pieces from a solo exhibition by Octavio Irving, a contemporary plastic artist. We included Spectrum, a photographic work by William Cruz, and we shared the excellent book by Mirta Muñiz about communication and publicity throughout Cuban history.

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d aquí_irving
d aquí_torino

First issue

Cuban design evolves with its context. Yesterday and today it has shown its uniqueness, functionality and responsiveness to the needs of people, groups and organizations.

This becomes visible in the first issue of D aquí. In that issue, we interviewed Heidy Curbelo García, a designer and 3D artist. We presented VIBRA collection by Raiko Valladares and Jose Antonio Villa. We told the story of Rafael Morante during his work at OSPAAAL. We showed an atelier project by Ernesto Jiménez and Sofía Marques de Aguiar. Then, we promoted “Manufactura propia”, a studio by Nadia Medina and Francisco (Paco) Menéndez.

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d aquí_vibra
d aquí_atelier

Number zero

D aquí, is a magazine that aims to represent the diversity, functionality and uniqueness of Cuban design.

The number zero was presented in June 2015 at the Cuban Art Factory. In it, we revisited the group exhibition Geo-Gráficas 2015; we interviewed Yondainer Gutierrez, co-founder of the Cuban directory of restaurants A la Mesa; we showed Star Lamp project by Sergio Armando Díaz; and we presented the impressive illustrations by Karen Rivero. At the end, we shared the opinion of Nelson Ponce on the Cuban illustration, we celebrated Cómicos: the juvenile comic magazine, and we recommend three products created by Cuban designers.

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