A home delivery service
A goat cheese brand
A goat cheese brand
A coconut candy brand
A pork meat products brand
A transportation service
A fruit juice brand
A Cuban food home delivery service in Mexico city
A project about slow and conscious life
A place to buy meat products and eat some snacks
A radiator shop
A learning music project
A school to learn to dance
An architecture and design service
A group of friends loving life and rock
A place to enjoy fine art
Informatic solutions
A travel agency
A place to stay and discover Havana
A magazine project
An art fair project
A development project for a library
A project for the development of public libraries in Havana
A magazine about Cuban design and visual arts
A construction and maintenance company
Puppet theater for adults festival
Collection for an editorial
Collection for an editorial
An artisan clothing shop
A nightclub
A restaurant
A restaurant
A bar
A nightclub
A cafeteria in a car park
A group of mothers and children who come together to exercise and share
A music project
A music project
A sporttwear brand
A sportwear brand
A ceramic enterprise
Backup identity
Thesis project
INCA contest